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Inspirational Kids Stories:
Wholesome Short Stories For Children

Inspirational kids stories contains a wonderful selection of free wholesome tales and short stories for children that teach moral values, build confidence, and enlighten your child.

Little Girl Reading Book - Inspirational Kids Stories

In today's world, doesn't it seem as if children have lost many of the values that we, just a generation ot tow ago, grew up with?

Respect for parents, common courtesy toward others, and helpful behavior seem to be going the way of the dinosaur - becoming extinct really fast!

As a parent of two grown children, and as a grandparent, I know the importance of instilling in your child values of politeness and integrity. I brought up my kids to be respectful to others -- and to understand right from wrong.

Many of these lessons were learned by reading short, inspirational kids stories that taught these important moral messages.

Now, I can't say it's all from reading books! But they certainly helped.

Why not enlighten your kids, and build their self-esteem and confidence, using the messages of wisdom found in an entertaining story?

Wholesome and Free Inspirational Kids Stories To Read

A Children's Story: The Fairy's Birthday Gift

Childrens Story: The Little Boy Who Found His Fortune

Stories For Children: Safe Bind, Safe Find

I truly hope you enjoy reading these inspirational kids stories to your own children. While you're here, why don't you also see some of our Short Poems for Kids and the moral tales found in Aesops Fables. I'm sure your children will also enjoy reading these as well.

Be sure to check back often as I'll be adding even more great short stories for children to this page. To make it easy to stay up-to-date, subscribe to the RSS feed (see the top right column).

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