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Angel & Guardian Angel Poems

This page features a collection of enchanting and engaging guardian angel poems and poems about angels.

The stories of angels appear often in many forms: books, movies, the bible, and in tales told about encounters from everyday folks. Have you ever seen or heard from your angels?

The poems and prayers that follow are a wonderful way to bring you closer to your angels... the ones that watch over you every day and do their best to guide you to take the best path for your life.

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Guardian Angel Poems

Angel Blessing

Angels around us,
angels beside us,
angels within us.

Angels are watching over you
when times are good or stressed.

Their wings wrap gently around you,
whispering you are loved and blessed.

Blessing of Angels

May angels rest beside your door,
May you hear their voices sing.
May you feel their loving care for you,
May you hear their peace bells ring.

May angels always care for you,
And not let you trip and fall,
May they bear you up on angel's wings,
May they keep you standing tall.

May they whisper wisdom in your ear,
May they touch you when you need,
May they remove from you each trace of fear,
May they keep you from feeling greed.

May they fill you with their presence,
May they show you love untold,
May they always stand beside you
And make you ever bold.

May they teach you what you need to know
About life here and here-after.
May they fill you always with their love
And give you the gift of laughter

Prayer For Guardian Angels

Dear Lord:

Could you spare some Guardian Angels
To give us peace of mind
As our Children wander from us
And stretch the ties that bind?

You have Heavenly Legions Father
Could you send us just a few
To guide our eager youngsters
As we give them Lord to you .

Oh Thank you, Thank you Father
And Oh our glad hearts sings
We're certain that just now we heard
The swish of passing wings!

My Guardian Angel

Psalm 91:11-12

Dear Angel ever at my side,
how lovely you must be---
To leave your home in heaven,
to guard a child like me.

hen I'm far away from home,
or maybe hard at play--
I know you will protect me,
from harm along the way.

Your beautiful and shining face,
I see not, though you're near.
The sweetness of your lovely voice,
I cannot really hear.

When I pray, you're praying too,
Your prayer is just for me.
But ,when I sleep you never do,
You're watching over me.

Guardian Angels

by Shirley Hile Powell

God gave us each an angel
To watch over us with love.
They’re always carrying messages
To Him in Heaven above.

They warn us during danger,
Encourage us to do what is right,
And will always guard and guide us,
Throughout the day and night.

God sent them to protect us,
When crisis comes our way,
And to aid us with our problems
That we encounter every day.

Thank You, my God in Heaven,
For our Guardian Angels dear.
They’re just a token of Your love
To help us overcome life’s fears.

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