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Gratitude Poems:
An Eloquent Way of Cultivating Gratitude
and Expressing Gratefulness

Gratitude poems help to remind us that we should be thankful for the basics of life itself. Every day, we wake up, we breathe in the air, we see the world around us. Each day is a new day and one we should be grateful for to enjoy.

We have shelter to keep us warm, food to feed us, friends and family that love us. These are all things we take for granted, and yet without them, where would we be?

The poems of gratitude featured here help to remind us that we have much to be grateful for... even our problems can be a source of thankfulness, when we change our perception of them.

Share your gratitude with others. Say thank you to those you love. Being grateful for even the smallest things can open the doors to a richer world.

A Special Selection of Gratitude Poetry

Gratitude Prayer by Max Erhmann

Gratitude Thoughts: Be Thankful For...

Gratitude Thoughts: Today I Can...

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